Stitch marker orders are fully open for business! 🥳 All yarn is currently unavailable while I switch to a RTS model, please see the announcement on the home page 💕🌈 💋


Announcements 🥰

I am in the process of switching to a Ready To Ship model! 🌈 All yarns are unavailable while I get my first shop update prepared, which will be complete in the next couple of weeks. Please pop your email in below and/or follow me on social media to find out when the update will go live. I will have 30+kg of yarn; favourites/bestsellers, plus hopefully a couple of new colourways, and some mini bundles. All yarn will now have quantity limits, as I will only be selling what I have dyed in advance, which means quicker shipping times for you 😘

Welcome to What Mustard Made

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