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Adventures with yarn

Posted by Tracey Mustard on

*insert platitudes about the lack of posting I've done on the blog for the last few months here....*

So, yeah, I haven't gotten into the hang of blogging, so I never kept up with it, it was easy to let fall away. This is me turning a new leaf!

It's inspired by my pressing need to wrap myself in a cocoon of all things yarn related, so I can live in a world surrounded by the squish of freshly washed fleece, the smell of warm hand dyed wool (YUMMY), and the sparkle of my stitch markers all around me. Maybe a spinning wheel or two, if my long-suffering boyfriend will allow it (😂😂😂!).

I'm not sure how to update on so many missed months of blogging, so let's just pretend I haven't missed all those months, and I'll just crack on with current news!

I started hand dyeing yarn. And I love it. I'ts like colouring in, but on wool. And then you get to make that wool into things. Amazing things. My first ombres, I thought were pretty amazing (I was mainly amazed that I'd managed not to make them look like mini skein turds), but I wasn't sure if I was just high on the smell of hot wool  - I sent them to my friend Miriam with the question:

She graciously told me it was indeed pretty, so I continued on with my fresh dyeing adventure. I haven't had time to dye much in the way of whole skeins yet, but I have done several test minis, which led to launching Steve and Trevor the Yarns being born.

I have plans to release lots more grey-to-colour ombreing ones like Trevor, and I have a HUGE amount of colour combinations in my mind thanks to adult colouring pasttimes.

I experimented with some some semi-solids for this pattern by Kino Knits which I am head over heels for, and basically tested every new dye colour I've recently procured on 10g minis. 

I may list a 10g mini pot luck for all of these little treasures, as I probably can't keep them all myself... can I?! 😄

Along with my exciting new hustle action, I launched the Twelve Days of Christmustard box - starting on Christmas Day, after your other beautiful crafty advent calendars are just finishing, you'll have a wrapped handmade resin stitch marker to open every day for the twelve days of Christmas... 🎄 

I'm really really excited about this box; all of the markers are being made from scratch, I have loads of lovely sparkly and beautiful ideas to hopefully make you SQUEE every morning. They're £5 off at £35 until the end of September for the first 30 boxes, £40 thereafter, and I'm only offering 50 altogether to ensure I can create all of the charms in time. I'll be shipping them at the beginning of December 💖

Lots of love for now,


Mustard x x x

Cover photo by Nicole De Khors.


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