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Stock update! And other stuff...

Posted by Tracey Mustard on

Hey beans!

As it's been a while since I last used the blog, I thought I better write something (I must remember it's here! I actually really enjoy creating blog posts, I just forget I have it at my disposal 🙈).


New charm sources

Quite a lot has happened over the last few weeks - I've started receiving a steady flow of new charms which I've been ordering directly from China; they seem to take between 2 and 3 weeks to get here, which isn't too bad! I took the decision to start importing charms from abroad as there's a lot more choice if I go directly to the source, than if I buy them from a UK Etsy supplier. I was always nervous of importing, but it's been a breeze so far. There are still some of them which I haven't been able to source from abroad, like the chunky glitter baubles, but I'm happy to pay more for them as I know they're really popular with you (why would they not be - they're gorgeous!), and it doesn't make sense to only stock items I can buy more cheaply. It's about stocking a full range, for you, to make sure you have the choice I want you to have. Which leads me to...



My manifesto (I've always hated that word in the corporate world, but I can officially use it now with glee!) is to offer crocheters and knitters a wide range of stitch markers, for excellent prices, alongside a superb customer experience which starts with my warm and open social media presence, and ends with you receiving a parcel which is a joy to open (with a nice looking and easy to use website in the middle!).

When I first decided to start selling stitch markers, it's because I wasn't happy with what was available at the time. I either had to pay for a bundle of markers, but really I only wanted one or two of them, or I had to pay a fortune for one on its own, or in most cases I just couldn't actually find any that I actually wanted myself. So I set out to create ones that I would love to use personally, and sell them all individually so you can create your own 'bundles'. 

There are now SO many more options for stitch markers becoming available all the time - beautiful handmade polymer, or resin on shrinky plastic, gorgeous beads, wooden lasered ones - but I'm not worried about the market becoming flooded with too many choices, as there's more than enough room for all stitch marker creators. I hope that you'll continue to see What Mustard Made as a solid place to come, for years to come. I plan to be here for a while... 😉


Future plans

Along with constantly sourcing, ordering, and receiving new charms for stitch markers, I've decided to test run some items which will be shipped to you directly from China, but bought through me. This is because I'd like to create more revenue, in order to be able to leave the corporate world and work for myself. I can only do that if I a) start selling 800+ stitch markers a week (which I would absolutely love - go pimp me out on your social media! 😁), or b) diversify a bit, and offer some other cool things. 

I love anything yarn related, obviously, but my other loves are stationery (drool...), and necklaces, amongst other stuff, usually anything cute. So I figured, why not try selling some other things I love! The service I'm using means that I don't have to fork out loads of money on getting stock in, and I don't have to find somewhere to put it (my other half would kill me if I started stockpiling stationery to sell - mainly because he knows I wouldn't want to part with it, as I love collecting pretty notebooks, so it would never be sold!!). 

I'm going to be monitoring the way this works, to make sure that the item you receive is in excellent condition - I am wary of not being able to see the stock myself before it goes out, as I'd like to be able to check it the same way I do all my stitch markers, but the service has thousands of good reviews, so I'm learning to let go a little... If it doesn't work, I'll just stop!

I am still 100% responsible for the items, so any issues will still be dealt with through me, by me, with full customer service commitment to you. 


My ice-capades

For anyone lovely enough to wonder how I am after my traumatic ice fall on Monday - the palm of my right hand, and my left elbow, are black and blue (I didn't even realise I'd hurt my elbow until Tuesday lol!), and I have a bruised tailbone, going into my left buttock - no actual bruises to show yet (I think they're brewing). I was mildly concerned I might have a hairline pelvic fracture, but I'm not concerned enough to go sit for hours waiting to be X-rayed - as there's nothing they could do for it anyway, I'll put up with the pain and just keep taking ibuprofen! I've been on sick leave all week from the office job, hoping I can cope when I go back on Monday...!

Thanks for reading,
Mustard x



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