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Welcome to my new website...

Posted by Tracey Mustard on

Thanks for coming by! I couldn't be more excited about this new website... Here, you'll find all of my stitch markers, listed individually, so you can buy whichever ones you fancy 💖 Let me explain how I got here.

As you may or may not know, I was trading on Etsy. Naively, I thought things were going great, until I realised just how much they charge in fees for people like me who trade in small priced items. I appreciate Etsy is a business, and needs to make its own money, but guys - they took £75.00 from me for my January sales. That was a huge chunk of my takings. I was absolutely dumbfounded - how had I not realised how much this would cost me?? Was I going to end up making a loss and have to stop selling stitch markers? Or put the prices up (cue my independent seller soul curling up and dying slowly...)?

So I started to panic - I was going to have to change how I trade completely by creating bundles of stitch markers, to try to negate the individual listing fees. Even though when I first started out, I wanted to offer you the choice to choose the markers you loved most. So, heavy heart in hand, I set to it - I worked hard creating new bundles, and then when I started to list them... it just felt so wrong

This wasn't how I wanted to run my business.

After a few bundles, I stopped. I couldn't continue, my intuition was screaming at me "There must be a better way...". I just couldn't figure out what it was.

In the act of stopping, and just giving myself some self care time by stepping away from the whole thing, I gave my life the space it needed to manoeuvre me to where I should be... to where the answer was.

There was indeed a better way.

I'm subscribed to The Interview Zone's daily interviews, and on Tuesday I read Boofy's interview, and decided to go shopping with them for a top for my niece. As I'm using their lovely website, my little mind pipes up..."Hey, this is nice, who's it hosted by?".

And so, since that wonderfully fateful day earlier this week, I did some calculations, realised I would save a shit tonne in fees if I used Shopify instead, also realised I could continue listing my markers individually (YEY!), signed up to Shopify, redid all of my stitch marker photos, recounted all the stock, listed them, customised the site, got some testers to make sure the shop works (it does!), and now I'm writing this blog prior to making it live ✨

I'm now contemplating getting a Shopify tattoo, I love it so much 😂🤘😉

Etsy just isn't for me. Am I worried about losing out on sales by not being part of it? Yes. But will I let that stop me following my dream and running my business how I want to? Absolutely not. 

I'm going to do a more detailed blog about this mid- to end of March, after one month of running on Shopify, to help inform any other small independent sellers who are also dumbfounded by the Etsy fees, so they can feel empowered by choices. I'm not an expert, but I'll talk about it honestly. I'm already super impressed by the analytics; it blows Etsy out of the water. 

So I hope you enjoy your time here! I'm always open for comments and stitch marker requests - drop me a message on Instagram, Facebook, or here, if there's something you'd like to see me selling that I'm not yet, and I'll see what I can find 😊

Oh, and sign up to my newsletter, on the home page 🌈 I have no clue how to create an email newsletter, or what I'm going to put in it, but I promise not to spam you (ever). I imagine it'll contain news of upcoming shop updates, and occasional exclusive discount codes for subscribers. If you're not already, you can also go follow me on Facebook and Instagram, if it pleases you ❤️


Tracey x

Ps, the photo is our rescue cat Bee. He's such a massive sweetheart, but normally looks absolutely awful 😂


  • Congrats!! The site looks beautiful! Good for you for taking time to figure out what worked for you and your business!! ????

    keke on

  • Well done !

    Nicola on

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