Please only order if you can accept a 2-3 week delay (hopefully maximum!) - I'm currently on a bit of sick leave with what appears to be tonsillitis 🤒 I will be dealing with all orders, oldest first, as soon as I'm better! ❤️🌈

Blobs of Joy // potluck

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Made from silicone, each of these stitch markers has eyes, blushing cheeks, something stuck on their little heads (in this range, it's usually a fruit like strawberries or cherries).

These ones go a little bit further, by having something cute and weird attached to their sides (eg, a rubber duck , a lollipop, or a heart) ❤️💖 They really are 'so extra'. 

These larger sized ones are potluck, as there are too many combinations for me to list as choices. 

Leverback fastening.

Listing is for one marker.


Mustard x


As always, colours may vary based on the colour settings on your device, though I don't apply colour changing effects to my photos, so hopefully you'd be as pleased, or more, with it in real life.