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Mohair Bert

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***Dyed to order - will take 3-5 days to dye then will be dispatched once dry ❤️ ***


This is the same colourway as Bert The Yarn, but on delicious squishy mohair - hold it double with plain yarn for a delightful rainbow effect, see the pictures for swatches with acrylic aran white and black (they feel and look totally 😍😱😍... I want to make full wardrobes with both, in particular the white).

The colours are like therapy as you work with every inch of it 🌈 

Available in:

50g, 72% kid mohair, 28% silk, approx 420m. 

5g 72% kid mohair, 28% silk approx 42m.

Not Superwash, so this mohair will felt if washed normally. Please use something like Soak, or any other trustworthy handwash liquid wash, and agitate as little as possible. Do not tumble dry. 


Dyed with professional acid dyes and rinsed thoroughly. 

Shades between batches may vary due to the speckling process.


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Mustard x