Neon Heart Yarns

What is Neon Heart? Those of you who have been with me since I started dyeing in 2018 will know Neon Heart (previously called Bert) has been around since time began 💕 In early 2020 I decided to start trying the speckles over different coloured bases. And so the Neon Heart (Bert) Club was born! There have been over forty different Neon Heart variants now, some were only available through the Club, some are listed in this collection as dyed to order until I decide to retire them 🥰 The original Neon Heart will always exist though, for as long as the dyes I use do 🙌

Does the Club still exist? No, no it does not. I ended it in January to allow me to process my orders differently, so now I’m just releasing new ones on a monthly basis! 🥳

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