Neon Heart Fade Yarns

What is Neon Heart Fade (previously Bert Fade)? I ran a club of mystery yarns, where each month I sent out a new yarn which would fade well with the yarn before it, and would fade well with the yarn coming the following month too! The swatch on the listings shows how they've been working together thus far (oldest yarns at the bottom, working upwards). The club is no longer running as a mystery subscription, and I now release the yarns (usually monthly) directly onto my website instead.


Neon Heart Fade yarns in order so far are (oldest first):

  • Neon Heart: Mystic
  • Neon Heart: Interstellar
  • Neon Heart: Nebula
  • Neon Heart: Sea Nymph
  • Neon Heart: Verdure
  • Neon Heart: Sugar Blossom
  • Neon Heart: Ice Cream
  • Neon Heart: Ugly Duckling
  • Neon Heart: Rhysand

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