Neon Heart Fade Yarns

These colourways are on a dyed to order basis, and are available in 4ply, DK, and Aran.

Neon Heart Fade yarns will fade well with the yarn before them, and will fade well with the yarn after too. I usually release these monthly, but sometimes release them a bit more frequently. The swatch on the listings shows how they've been working together thus far (Neon Heart: Mystic is at the bottom, working upwards).

Note, all of these yarns are beautiful in their own right and do not need to be used in a fade, don't feel like you have to buy more than one colourway if one on its own is calling to you.

If you do want to fade, pick colourways as per your needs! Need a fade of four yarns? Pick four consecutive yarns from anywhere within the fade, e.g. if you fancied some purples and blues (ending in greens), go for Neon Heart: Mystic, Interstellar, Nebula, and Sea Nymph! Or if you'd prefer Autumnal darker tones, go for Neon Heart: Rhysand, Spicy, Mulled Wine, and Falling Leaves. Or pick some from the middle for some brighter green spring-like feels.

Need five, six, seven colourways? As long as they're consecutive, they'll work well alongside each other in the order below 😘


Neon Heart Fade yarns in order so far are (Mystic is at the bottom of the swatch):

  • Neon Heart: Mystic
  • Neon Heart: Interstellar
  • Neon Heart: Nebula
  • Neon Heart: Sea Nymph
  • Neon Heart: Verdure
  • Neon Heart: Sugar Blossom
  • Neon Heart: Ice Cream
  • Neon Heart: Ugly Duckling
  • Neon Heart: Rhysand
  • Neon Heart: Spicy
  • Neon Heart: Mulled Wine
  • Neon Heart: Falling Leaves