Pride Yarns

5% of sales of any of the items in the collection shown below during the month of June will be donated to support LGBTQIA+ charities in the UK (apart from the PRIDE embroidery yarns, for which £1 from each skein will be donated, and the Queer yarn for which £2 will be donated per skein sold).

Do I wish I could donate more? Absolutely.

Please remember I am only a tiny sole trader, my profits aren't massive and like everyone else my bills and expenses are increasing where my sales prices aren't, so at the moment 5% is my pledge as that's what I think I can afford to give - every little donation helps, right?! 🙌

Next year, hopefully I'll be able to afford to donate more 🥰

This collection contains any yarn I deem 'Pride related' 🌈 Therefore, rainbows will feature heavily, as well as my Ace Shawlography Bundle! 💜🤍🖤

Happy Pride month!

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