Tracey's De-stash

I'm de-stashing! To begin with, I've listed some Wimperis embroidery kits, and Gecko Rouge cross stitch kits, at a big discount compared to what I originally paid for them all ❤️

Why do I have so many I haven't used? Because ADHD made me impulse buy SO many things (and keep club subscriptions going for too long), so much so that I will never have the time to complete them in my lifetime. Thanks, brain! (You should see my colouring book and art supply collection, including Artful boxes - I don't even do art!! ....... 🤣🙃 They'll be making it into the de-stash at some point too 🥳).

Some of my hobby preferences have changed too 🤷🏻 I no longer spend much time on embroidery, and though my cross stitch passion is furiously strong just now, it's not for larger pieces of work like these (and I already have several large Gecko Rouge kits on the go which I'll likely never finish either 😅).

Now I'm on ADHD meds, I can see I need to de-stash as some of these things will be truly loved and appreciated by others, and I'm actually managing to start organising it! (Thanks for your help, meds 🥰). Amazing... 🌈


This collection will contain anything I'm de-stashing. Could be embroidery kits, cross stitch kits, yarn, fibre, craft books...

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