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4ply Richard The Yarn // BFL Superwash 100g

Regular price £15.00

Meet Richard. 

Richard is a delicate flower.

Dyed with professional acid dyes and rinsed thoroughly, he's simply beautiful. 

4ply BFL, Superwash 100g, approx. 400m. 

Also available in:

4ply BFL Superwash 20g minis, approx 80m.

Aran BFL Superwash 100g, approx 165m. 

DK BFL Superwash 100g, approx 225m.


Shades between batches may vary slightly,

If you require more than what I have available, just drop me a message and I'll see if I can hook you up! There's a messenger icon in the top left of your screen, or you can contact me through Instagram @whatmustardmade, or through my website contact form here ❤️

Mustard x

Please note:
I will keep an eye on postage prices as my website's postage calculator is tricky due to me offering large letter prices for the stitch markers, and small parcel prices for the yarn. Any terribly overpriced p&p it charges you will be refunded, but as a rule up to a few skeins should be £3 UK (add a few quid for international orders).