Advent available here on preorder (click me!) - instalments option is available (and encouraged!) 🥳💕🌈


PREORDER Advent Calendar 24 x 10g - Be Still My Neon Heart

Regular price £25.00

***This is a preorder, please read the listing very carefully before purchasing ❤️ ***

Please do not buy any other items with your advent, I will cancel any stitch markers or additional yarns which are added.

What is it? 

Welcome to the preorder for my first ever yarn advent! 🌈

I will be dyeing up, for your pleasure, 24 different 10g teeny mini skeins of yarn in NEON, of course!! 240g total.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes - please select your preferred yarn, and pay £25 plus p&p now through this website, then I'll send you an invoice from me straight to your email inbox on the 1st April for the first £10 instalment (payable asap once you have received it) - you can choose to pay by card through Stripe, by Paypal, or by Direct Debit through GoCardless. There will be a link to click on your invoice email which will show you all of the available payment options, everything should be clear to follow.

If you choose to pay via DD, the payment will come out of your bank automatically on the 1st of the month for each invoice. The £10 invoice will then repeat on the 1st of the month for a further 3 months.

Invoice schedule for instalments after initial £25 purchase:

 Invoice date  Amount
1st April £10.00
1st May £10.00
1st June £10.00
1st July £10.00

If one invoice payment is missed, I will refund all payments made so far and the advent will be put back up for purchase by other customers - please do not ignore the invoice emails when they are received, as late payment will make it very difficult for me admin-wise. If you are having difficulty paying, please do contact me asap so we can discuss it, the invoice will tell you how to.

To be clear, there will be 4 x £10 instalments in total, last payment being 1st July, total payable is £65 plus p&p which includes this first £25 purchase. 

Can I pay up front?

Absolutely, if you'd rather not pay in instalments, just add the £40 top-up item (shown on the item selection drop-down) along with your £25 option for the correct yarn weight. Please ensure you buy both items together at the same time!

When will it be dispatched?

I aim to dispatch this in November, I will send International orders earliest to allow more transit time (I will also keep an eye on this in the run up to Winter, and may dispatch earlier depending on how things are going re the pandemic etc.).

What kind of colourways will there be?

What does Be Still My Neon Heart mean?

Will they all be Bert-related like the Bert Surprise Club? No, they won't! 

They could be a semi-solid, speckled, hand-painted micro-striping, variegated... Anything and everything! There may be some non-neon dye included on the variegated colourways to allow for plenty of variation (think Bert: Magical Mustard, or Lumina: Silver, where the mustard, grey and blue aren't neon but they let the neons shine).

Rest assured, there will be a neon element to every single skein.

What will I receive?

You will receive 24 x 10g teeny minis, each one different, 240g total, in 4ply (sock weight) or DK yarn, depending on which advent you choose, details of the yarns below:

4ply 100% BFL Superwash 10g, approx 40m per skein

DK 100% BFL Superwash 10g, approx 22.5m per skein

Please do not buy any other items with your advent, I will cancel any stitch markers or additional yarns which are added.



Dyed with professional acid dyes and rinsed thoroughly. 


If you have any questions, you can contact me through my website contact form here ❤️