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Bert, Fade! // A Yarn Club

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Welcome to... 

Bert, Fade!

What is Bert, Fade!?

Bert, Fade used to be called the Bert, Surprise Club. The idea of this Club is, every month I'll dye a different version of Bert; i.e. I'll use the same colour neon speckles, but on top of differently dyed bases... 🌈 🥰  

Bert is a speckley delightful mess and explosion of pure neon love and colour 🌈🌈🌈 Blues, pinks, yellows, oranges, greens, bright colours, darker ones... it's all in there.

From August 2021, I have decided to make this a gigantic continuous fade - this means that going forwards, each yarn will coordinate with the one before it and the one after it. So you can use them to create a faded blanket, sweater, socks, shawl, scarf... whatever you like! (Please don't ask me for examples of things you can make with a fade, as there are lots of examples on the Internet and it's unfair to think of me as Google ❤️)

As an example - one month may use blues and purples under the rainbow speckles, then the next month may use purples and pinks, then the next one may use pinks and yellows. There will always be a continuation of one colour from the previous month into the next which will tie them together (if you need an example of a fade, I created one using the yarns from the Zest For Life collection).

Why not try tweaking your subscription as per your needs? If you were making, for example, a Find Your Fade shawl, adjust your subscription each month to obtain the amount of yarn you require for the next bit of the pattern! So for the first colour, you'd just need a 20g skein, then the second colour is 40g so 2 x 20g will do you, then the third colour is 60g, so nab yourself 3 x 20g etc...

I expect to be able to create an unlimited Bert fade, because there are literally hundreds of combinations of colours, and hundreds of unique dye colours I can create by blending dyes together.

The base colours may move from brights into pastels, and back again, or combine them somewhere inbetween...  it will never get boring 😘

Examples of previous Clubs are shown in the pictures; please bear in mind the info above, that they will start coordinating with each other going forwards. The previous Clubs were all separate colourways, even though you can probably fade a few of them together, they didn't come out chronologically able to do that with each other.

The new Club format will allow chronological fading.

The different colour bases will create some beautifully different colours to the original Bert. Most of the Berts available on my website have been born from my monthly Club.

Please note that not all of them are released as dyed to order colourways after the Club.


Come along with me on this new Bert fade journey every month, or dip in and out as you fancy! Try amending your subscription as required 🌈

Important, read well: The cut off for the club is the 14th of the month, so if you order between 15th of Month A and 14th of Month B, you will receive your yarn around the end of Month B.

Many examples for clarity:

  • Order your yarn 2nd August, get your yarn around end of August. Next recurring charge date would be 2nd September.
  • Order your yarn 14th August, get your yarn around end of August. Next recurring charge date would be 14th September.
  • Order your yarn 18th August, get your yarn around end of Sept. Next recurring charge date would be 18th September.

You can amend your charge date as required. Please do not contact me about the length of time in between being charged and being sent the yarn, as it is all explained above, and you can change it to a later date as required if you like, in your account page. Again, the 14th is the last date you could order the yarn to be included in that cycle of the Club.

Subscription management

You are in full control of your subscription, just log into your account and you can edit your card details, your charge date, pause or cancel the subscription, or even amend the yarn type and skein size.


You can choose to receive the weight and size of your choice:


4ply BFL Superwash 100g, approx. 400m. 

4ply BFL Superwash 50g, approx. 200m. 

4ply BFL Superwash 20g mini, approx 80m.

4ply BFL Superwash 10g teeny mini, approx 40m.


DK BFL Superwash 100g, approx. 225m. 

DK BFL Superwash 50g, approx. 112.50m. 

DK BFL Superwash 20g mini, approx 45m.

DK BFL Superwash 10g teeny mini, approx 22.5m.


Aran BFL Superwash 100g, approx. 166m.

Aran BFL Superwash 50g, approx. 83m.

Slub Fingering Superwash 90% Merino / 10% Nylon 100g, approx 400m.

Slub Fingering Superwash 90% Merino / 10% Nylon 50g, approx 200m.

Slub Fingering Superwash 90% Merino / 10% Nylon 20g, approx 80m.


Dyed with professional acid dyes and rinsed thoroughly.  


If you have any questions, you can contact me through my website contact form here ❤️

Mustard x