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Creative Whim Surprise Art Batt min. 100g

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Do you dare order a TOTAL surprise? A completely random art batt?

You will receive an art batt that weighs at least 100g.

It may be neon, it may be dark and moody, it may be pastel...

My art batts will always contain at least one type of animal fibre, I have lots in stock which I'll pick for you at random. Examples (not a comprehensive list) are Merino (some commercially dyed, some dyed by me), BlueFaced Leicester, Corriedale, Wensleydale, Mohair, Whiteface Woodland, Kent Romney.

Then you can expect texture extras such as (not a comprehensive list) linen, silk, recycled sari silk, rose fibre, trilobal/firestar (commercial, and hand dyed by me), angelina, carded yarn scraps (all scraps from my hand dyed yarns), nepps, slub, strings of sequins, ribbon, tinsel... along with those all important hand dyed locks which I feel always finish off an art batt, dyed either by me or by other talented fibre artisans I have purchased them from. 

Basically, fibre lovers - I have all of this beautiful stuff, and I feel too overwhelmed to do anything coherent with it, so it all just sits, waiting to be made into batts, and I never do it. It has so much potential and I need to start creating with it. So if you order one, I get the thrill of making something completely random and beautiful for you and it becomes fun for me rather then overwhelming because I don't have to plan it, that's the beauty of the creative whim! 🌈❤️🌈 

These are made to order, and will be a total surprise, drum carded according to my creative whims that day. You won't know what you're getting until it arrives 🥳  Please see the 'Order processing/delivery info' tab for details on my current order lead times ❤️ Re these batts, I may use fibre I already have available, or I may dye some up especially for your batt, so please treat these like a dyed to order item in terms of the lead time.

Please do not specify colours when ordering, that is not the point of this listing. Also please do not order this if you are not prepared for whatever arrives... these art batts are a way for me to explore my creativity; if you would prefer something more 'reassuring' then please order from my pre-dyed Fibre collection instead.

If you order more than one batt, you will receive two different ones. 

Please note these batts will likely be OOAK/unique - I may make some batts along a similar vein in future, but most of them are completely unique. I don't tend to write down recipes for my fibre like I do my yarn - fibre tends to be mostly creatively chaotic and 'limited edition'.


Any fibre I've dyed is dyed with professional acid dyes and rinsed thoroughly. 

If you need to ask any questions, use my website contact form here ❤️

Tracey x


Order processing times

Current lead times: I'm running at about 3-5 weeks for despatch from ordering at the moment, though I am working hard to reduce this as best I can! ❤️ 

Orders are being processed mostly chronologically, which means if you order now, yes your wait time is longer than usual, but you have your place in the neon rainbow queue 🤗 🌈

I expect to catch back up and be working to 'normal business times' in a few weeks.

Ready To Ship items will jump the queue a bit (unless you've also ordered something I need to dye alongside the RTS items), but please remember I am not Amazon and this doesn't mean next day despatch - it still takes time to pack them despite them being already dyed! I can only pack so many orders in a day, alongside everything else I have to do on a daily basis. Please understand I am doing my best, but I am just one person and I cannot work miracles. There is no magic spell to make me able to pack more than I'm able to in one day.

Let's all remember to be kind to the posties, they're trying their best all around the world 💖 Delays are to be expected due to Covid absences, and shouldn't be taken out on them, or on me. 


Normal business: I will try to prepare your order for shipping within 1-2 weeks of ordering, most orders are shipped within a couple of weeks.

Please do note that I have chronic vestibular migraines which means my capabilities aren't the same from day to day.

I get things done within my daily capabilities, as I maintain healthy boundaries which means I don't push myself too far past what I can achieve on any given day as this can lead to larger vestibular flare ups. 

I am just the one person working on What Mustard Made, and I do my best to work through what I can every day, always moving forwards.

So please do allow some flexibility in your shipping expectations ❤️ This will allow me to stress less, and this keeps me healthier! I will regularly communicate my order processing times, but if you're unsure what's happening with your order, please do email me.

I ship orders twice a week, all are sent tracked through Royal Mail.

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If you aren't accepting of potentially long transit times outside of my control, please do not place an order, as it isn't worth the stress for both of us ❤️ Many thanks!!


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