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Ginormous Stitch Marker Lucky Dip!

Regular price £1.50

I have ditched individual stitch marker listings, in favour of one GINORMOUS lucky dip listing! 🥳  Buy 10+, get 10% off automatically.

Some of you will be relieved as the choice paralysis has now been removed! 🤗 PHEW! 😅 Just order a few, sit back, and see what comes in the post!

Some of you won't want to buy them from me anymore as you'd prefer specific markers, and that's fine 🤷🏻‍♀️ There are lots of other stitch marker sellers out there who will have markers for you with specific charms on, so I'm not worried about removing your choice, as there are plenty of other places to go for those who don't like surprises 🥰❤️

(but seriously, who doesn't like surprises?!)


My stitch markers used to be priced differently, with the cheapest being £1.50 and the most expensive being £2.00 (there was actually one at £5.00). I have decided to price ALL of the markers at the lower price of £1.50, because I have removed much of the organisational time that was required to get out all of the individual markers for orders twice a week (I had close to 200 stitch marker listings, so it could be very time consuming!), so I think the time saved means I can afford to lower the price for all of the markers, regardless of the cost of the charm attached.

Buy as little or as many as you like. If you buy 10+, you will automatically get a 10% discount on them.

What will I get?

You may receive pretty cabochons (glass domes with something under or in them, eg. mermaid scales, foiled resin, glitter, and pictures such as animals, plants, dragon eyes, or nebulas), cute enamel charms (usually animals, but sometimes other things pop culturey), sparkly glass baubles (with tiny stars in, or hearts, or chunky glitter), resin charms (some more normal like bright dice, pearlescent cacti, or Haribo packets, others are cute and funky kawaii like cat bao buns or unicorn sea horses), adorable metal ones (the metal ones can be literally anything - cats, dogs, palm trees, mountain scenes, cakes, bees...), or things I haven't been able to classify in any of the above categories (eg. giant sequins, furry leopard print balls, crystal hearts, and many others)...

There are hundreds of different charms, as I had many that I hadn't had a chance to list yet, so there are lots that you folx haven't seen yet. So much mystery joy potential 😆🌈 And of course I will be topping it up with new charms periodically, as well as printing my own cabochon sheets with cute new designs on (it's extremely therapeutic sticking the glass domes on and cutting them out).

All stitch markers have leverback fastenings.

I will always ensure there is a nice mix if you order more than one - you won't receive all metal, for example. Every single stitch marker order will be thoroughly checked for maximum glee factor by me and/or my lovely assistant (little sis Kirsty, who works for me for five hours a week, mostly on stitch markers) 💖

As usual and by What Mustard Made standards, everything will be cute, pretty or funky, and I wouldn't give you anything I wouldn't be thrilled to use myself!

Please do not leave any comments on the order asking for anything specific - this listing is wholly pot luck and I cannot accommodate specific requests. It will only end in disappointment.

If you don't like the markers you receive, you can of course return within 14 days of receipt at your postage own cost as per distance selling guidelines; please note I do not have the facility to offer free returns labels ❤️ 


If you have any questions, you can contact me through my website contact form here ❤️

Mustard x