Joy Embroidery Yarn

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Joy in embroidery yarn form?! Okay! 🌈

Neon pink, neon yellow, purples, blue, neon green, punchy orange... see the full size yarn here!


Gimme the yarn deets!

These embroidery yarns are 2ply 100% BFL (Bluefaced Leicester), 3g in weight, 24m in length, and full of delicious creative possibility. They are Superwash which means they won't felt if you pop them in the washing machine or if you agitate them while hand-washing, but I would recommend treating them gently regardless if you are going to wash your finished pieces, with cool water, so they will look amazing for even longer 😘

They are 2ply and I would not recommend splitting them due to the twist in the ply making this extremely difficult without tangles and knots. Please do not attempt this. As with all yarn, the ply makes the strands stronger together, and the single strands will be extremely fragile and will break, making them unusable.

I would say the yarn equals about three strands of stranded cotton. I have used the yarn alongside the 'traditional' two strands of cotton in a piece and they look absolutely fine alongside each other, the comparison is given only so you can imagine the thickness.

I use a size 24 needle when stitching with this yarn.

I wouldn't recommend using an aida smaller than 14 count for cross stitch or blackwork - I use it with 14 count, it would also work with 12. 16+ will be too small for the thickness of the yarn if you are doing one stitch to one square.

What could I use them for?

Use them for cross stitch (my go-to stitching hobby, I will of course be designing some patterns to use these yarns with over time 🥳), blackwork, modern crewel embroidery, punch needle embroidery, embellishing your clothes, Temari balls, micro crochet, surface stitching over your knits and crochets... I'm sure there are a thousand more uses that I haven't even begun to be aware of yet! 🌈

When stitching with it, I would recommend using 16-18 inches at a time to prevent wearing on the yarn as you pull it through your fabric. Always pull it through slowly to reduce wear, and watch the twist in the yarn as you work with it, as we all inadvertently twist the yarn as we stitch - if it's become too tight and twisty (it may be coiling a bit), let the yarn and needle dangle from your work to let it get back to its 'neutral' state. You may have had to do this with stranded cotton before when it gets a bit tight and twisted (I certainly have) 👌 If the twist is coming 'undone' and the ply looks weaker (you will see the strands aren't twisting around each other as much as they were, and you may feel like the yarn is looking like it wants to break apart, or it might start looking thinner in the stitches) just twist the yarn in the same direction as the ply to put some twist back in again ❤️


How far will 24m go?

A long way! In terms of cross stitch, which is the stitchy medium I know best, you can apparently make approximately 1,750 full cross stitches on 14 count aida with 24m of this yarn, technically... this is based on the figures I found for 24m of cotton thread (without carrying your yarn/thread across the back of the fabric from one part of the pattern to another), and assumes average stitching efficiency, which varies between stitchers, so it will of course vary from person to person, depending on what you're stitching. And actually, wool stretches where cotton doesn't, so I bet if we had a competition between 24m of this yarn versus 24m of stranded cotton, the yarn would win 🥳 

Basically though, will 24m go a long way? Yes, yes it will.


Dyed with professional acid dyes and rinsed thoroughly. All neon dyes I use are UV reactive (will glow under a blacklight).

Shades between batches may vary. Please note that the photographs are representative of the yarns you will receive, and may not be the actual yarns. As standard, colours may vary between device screens.

Tracey 🌈

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