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Lucky Dip Fibre Braid Nibblets

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Lucky Dip fibre braid nibblets! 🌈❤️🌈

I have stripped and bundled up 300+ fibre nibblets for you to devour. They are thinnish strips of hand dyed fibre braid, rolled up into a little cute bundle. If you order five or less, I will unbundle them and carefully lay them flat in a large letter box, to save on a bit of postage.

They range from approximately 7g-12g, averaging about 10g each. If you order just one, I'll pick you one close to 10g (not under, may possibly be over). If you order multiples, you may receive some under and some over 10g - eg, if you order ten, I will send you ten nibblets which will come to approx 100g total, some may only be 7g or 8g, and some may be 11g or 12g.

I hope you get the gist!

Photos are representative of the kinds of colourways available. There are a good mix of fibres, some which are super smooth and soft, and some which have delicious bite to them (I love spinning fibre with BITE!).

Most are non-superwash, but a couple are SW. You will not be told which fibres you are being given, so please accept that this is truly a (fun) pot luck situation ❤️

Examples off the top of my head are: Bluefaced Leicester, BFL/silk, BFL/seacell, BFL/trilobal, FS Alpaca, Alpaca/silk, Merino, Rambouillet, Southdown, Whitefaced Woodland, and some wools/blends of now unknown breed (I have forgotten what they are, or in some cases didn't know in the first instance).

Please do not order if you have a high sensitivity to any particular fibre, as all of the nibblets are in one big storage box together so fibres may have transferred.

You will receive colourways at random; if you order more than one I will of course try to give you all different colourways in your order.

Includes some semi-solids, variegateds, and speckled fibre. Most contains some neon dye, but some do not.


Dyed with professional acid dyes and rinsed thoroughly. 


If you need to ask any questions, use my website contact form here ❤️

Mustard x