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Mermaid scale needleminder // iridescent green

Regular price £5.00

These needleminders feature a giant iridescent mermaid scale, changing from green to blue in the light 🧜‍♀️ Can also be used as a fridge magnet 🤷‍♀️

The photos are pretty crap as I've found it almost impossible to get decent pictures due to the iridescent quality of the colouring. I can promise you they are gorgeous, though 😘

Uses strong Neodymium magnets; care must be taken around children and pets to ensure they do not swallow them. Keep away from bank cards, and other items affected by magnets. 

Listing is for one needleminder. 


Mustard x


As always, colours may vary based on the colour settings on your device, though I don't apply colour changing effects to my photos, so hopefully you'd be as pleased, or more, with it in real life.