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***Dyed to order - may take a couple of weeks to despatch but will be sent sooner if ready ❤️ ***


Meet Calypso 💕 This (in my very biased opinion) beautiful yarn is being released to celebrate me quitting my office job of fifteen years, to do What Mustard Made full time 🙌 


Half of the skein is a deep glowing blue with speckles of darker blue, purple, and neon green, and the other half is bare naked cream speckled with neon pinks and greens. It reminds me of a seductive underwater garden fantasy scape. This yarn will micro-stripe due to the half-and-half colour positioning, meaning wonderful stripey sock potential, and colour pooling in both knitting and crochet 🥳 


Available in:

4ply BFL Superwash 100g, approx. 400m. 

4ply BFL Superwash 20g mini, approx 80m.

4ply BFL Superwash 10g teeny mini, approx 40m.

DK BFL Superwash 100g, approx. 225m. 

DK BFL Superwash 20g mini, approx 45m.

DK BFL Superwash 10g teeny mini, approx 22.5m.

Aran BFL Superwash 100g, approx. 166m.

Dyed with professional acid dyes and rinsed thoroughly. 


Please bear in mind if you are planning a project that shades between batches may vary due to the nature of the speckling process. 


If you have any questions, you can contact me through my website contact form here ❤️

Mustard x