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PREORDER - Twelve days of Christmustard yarn or fibre & stitch markers - variations available

Regular price £35.00

*Please note, if you'd like to order stitch markers/yarn/fibre for 'now' alongside this, they will have to be placed as a separate order, otherwise all items ordered at the same time as this preorder will wait until this is dispatched in Nov/Dec.*


Treat yo'self, or a super dooper bean in your life, to twelve days of hand dyed yarn/fibre, plus a handmade resin stitch marker (and other surprises)...

Starting on Christmas Day, after your other beautiful crafty advent calendars are just finishing, you'll have a wrapped skein of yarn (or fibre) to open every day for the twelve days of Christmas... 🎄 

Expect splashes and speckles of neon colour, bright variegation, and saturated semi solids💕I will also handmake a resin stitch marker for Christmas Day, and you can expect other surprise treats along the way too ❤️

If you order more than one, I will refund any excess postage once dispatched.

Each box will contain a 12% discount code specific to you which will start on Christmas Day, and last until 31st March 2020 - this can be used multiple times. 


I have the following options available:

12 days of 10g teeny minis + 1 resin stitch marker - £35

3 x 10g teeny minis for Christmas Day, then 11 days of 10g teeny minis + 1 resin stitch marker - £40

1 x 100g for Christmas Day, then 11 days of 10g teeny minis + 1 resin stitch marker - £50

12 days of 20g minis + 1 resin stitch marker - £53

1 x 100g for Christmas Day, then 11 days of 20g minis + 1 resin stitch marker - £65

12 days of 50g fibre braid + 1 resin stitch marker - £90


I will use a variety of fibres for the fibre version - you can expect, for example, Merino, BFL, Alpaca, blended with silk, nylon, trilobal, bamboo, seacell... Most fbres will not be Superwash.

All of the yarns will be fingering weight Superwash. Please handwash carefully in cool or lukewarm water the first time. All yarns and fibres are dyed with professional acid dyes and rinsed thoroughly; some colours may rinse out on washing (this will not affect the vibrancy of the yarn, though - there's one pink in particular which I use which loves to rinse out no matter how much I've rinsed and soaked it after dyeing and heat setting).

The packages will be posted at the beginning of December, and a little earlier for international deliveries, to ensure it reaches you in plenty of time. You can open the box straight away - there will be a little message inside for you, and everything will be wrapped so you'll not ruin your surprises ❤️

If you'd like to buy this as a gift to be shipped directly to the recipient, just ensure you pop their address in the shipping address section, and please also pop a comment in at checkout or drop me a message. I do usually notice when the billing and shipping addresses differ, but it's just good to be alerted too!

Thank you 🌈