Geogradient MKAL

If you are ordering any of these colourways or the bundle for the 2023 Westknits MKAL, Geogradient, please do place your order with plenty of spare time if you'd like them to arrive prior to the first pattern clue being released, as I am only able to dye them up to 18th Sept to get them dried and shipped before I'm taking some planned time off work from 23rd Sept 🩷 Note, the Little Neon Heart bundle will be available to order until the end of Sept at which point it will be removed from my website, and any orders placed after 18th will be dyed once I return to work from 2nd Oct (I'm leaving it open for anyone not fussed about receiving it prior to the first clue release, and anyone who doesn't want it for the MKAL itself). The saturated and pastel semi-solids will continue to be available after the end of Sept, but the same lead time applies to orders for them placed after 18th Sept. Thank you! Tracey x