About Me


I'm Tracey, and I'm the neon founder of What Mustard Made, est. Nov 2017. I began with 'side hustling' stitch markers, and I’ve been dyeing yarn since May 2018 🥳 I quit my office job of fifteen years in March 2021, and What Mustard Made is now how I earn my living full time.

I honestly can't imagine doing anything else now. Small batch hand dyed yarn and fibre is my passion. I also try to design crochet and cross stitch patterns when I have the time to focus on them 🥰

Things you should know about me: I am intolerant of intolerance, I am pro-abortion, and I am fully LGBTQIA+ welcoming and championing; I am a queer asexual omniromantic, and I live with my long term partner Peter and our adorable rescue cats in the North East of England. 

My pronouns are she/they - I don't prefer one over the other so don't be afraid to use either! I've been 'she/her' by default for 40 years and I feel attached to it so it's still relevant, and I recently added 'they' because I've never fit into a feminine box (but I equally do not feel masculine), and there's more to me than making society comfortable by being a woman who uses 'she/her' pronouns, so 'they/them' is definitely relevant for me too 🙌

I am a disabled creator, working to the best of my ability on this business alongside HSD, chronic vestibular migraines, and ADHD, which makes things very tricky to say the least, but we keep going, don't we?! 🦓 🥰

You will never find me at yarn festivals due to my sensory hypersensitivity - it's just not a good environment for my brain! 🤯 

I love oversized jumpers and huge hoodies, anything neon and colourful, ska punk and rock music in most iterations, and retrowave and synthwave are somehow also deep inside my soul. I frequently shave my hair off on a whim, despite dreaming of having long silver locks. I adore kawaii, my cats and other people's cats too, swearing, and my silver hair (occasionally dyed blue). Yarn is everything 🐑 As is colour 🌈 I crochet, knit, cross stitch, embroidery, and spin yarn.

I'm a chatty introvert, working at home suits me down to the ground as I can't cope with too much 'out there' 🥰

Everything I do on here is for you beans. I want to make awesome yarn related products so you can live your best craft lives 🤘