About Me


I'm Tracey, the founder of What Mustard Made, est. Nov 2017. I began with 'side hustling' stitch markers, and I’ve been dyeing yarn and fibre since May 2018 🥳 I quit my office job (I worked in an accounts payable role for fifteen years at a local university) in March 2021, and What Mustard Made is now my full time business.

I honestly can't imagine doing anything else now. Small batch (mostly neon) hand dyed yarn and fibre are my passion. I just love anything fibre related!

About me: I am intolerant of intolerance, and am fully LGBTQIA+ welcoming (and championing), and am part of the community myself, being asexual omniromantic.

I have ADHD - this is new to me, you'd think that in the nearly 40 years I'd been alive that it took me to realise something wasn't quite right, that I'd have 'noticed' it... NOPE! It took working for myself full time for me to gradually start to fall apart, and for pennies to start dropping here there and everywhere. I had apparently been masking hard my whole life up until now, living on super hard mode without realising that not everyone lives life on super hard mode 😅

Once I realised, it was painfully obvious. But that's after I had to do a LOT of research, as to me, ADHD meant 'hyperactive naughty boys'. This is because we're drastically unaware of how the symptoms can show up in predominantly inattentive young girls. And as we grow into women, we struggle and get on with it and live life on the super hard setting without realising it shouldn't be like that. I'm pending treatment and support, and can't wait to see what's recommended to help me in June.

I love oversized jumpers, COLOUR, **neon**, punk and rock music in most iterations; retrowave is deep inside my soul.

I am impulsive, and frequently shave my hair off on a whim.

I live with chronic vestibular migraines, the condition appeared out of nowhere in 2015 and has never gone away, so you will never find me at yarn festivals - not a good environment for my brain! 🤯

I adore kawaii, CATS, swearing, and my silver hair (currently experimenting with various Manic Panic dyes!).

Yarn is everything 🐑 As is colour 🌈

I crochet, knit, spin, embroidery, cross stitch, and occasionally weave.

I'm a chatty introvert, working at home suits me down to the ground as I can't cope with too much 'out there' 🥰

Everything I do on here is for you beans. I want to make awesome yarn related products so you can live your best craft lives 🤘