About Me


I'm Tracey, she/they, and I'm the chaotic founder of What Mustard Made, est. Nov 2017. I began with 'side hustling' stitch markers, and I’ve been dyeing yarn since May 2018 🥳 I quit my office job of fifteen years in March 2021, and What Mustard Made is now how I earn my living.

I honestly can't imagine doing anything else now. Small batch hand dyed yarn is my passion. I also design crochet and cross stitch patterns when I have the time to focus on them 🥰

Things you should know about me: I am intolerant of intolerance, I am pro-abortion, and I am fully LGBTQIA+ welcoming and championing; I am a queer asexual omniromantic, and I live with my long term partner Peter and our rescue cats in the North East of England. 

My pronouns are she/they - I don't prefer one over the other so don't be afraid to use either! I've been 'she/her' by default for 40 years and I feel attached to it so it's still relevant, and I recently added 'they' because I've never fit into a feminine box (but I equally do not feel masculine) and there's more to me than making society comfortable by being a woman who uses 'she/her' pronouns, so 'they/them' is definitely relevant for me too 🙌

I was diagnosed with combined type ADHD at 40 in 2022 - my 'difficulty setting' is now turned down a bit thanks to medication and the occasional caffeinated beverage (science is brilliant!) but it still affects everything I do and everything I am! Learning I had ADHD was a revelation that suddenly made my whole life make sense. I do speak about it on my social media posts sometimes, to help raise awareness and erase any stigma that still exists in society about neurodivergence. 

I also live with chronic vestibular migraines, this is why you will never find me at yarn festivals - it's just not a good environment for my brain! 🤯 The caffeine that sometimes helps my ADHD can also trigger a dizziness flare up, so I do have to walk a fine line there... 😅

I love oversized jumpers and hoodies (and, I recently discovered Oodies...), anything neon and colourful, punk and rock music in most iterations, and retrowave and synthwave are somehow also deep inside my soul. I am impulsive, and frequently shave my hair off on a whim. I adore kawaii, my cats and other people's cats too, swearing, and my silver hair (occasionally dyed blue). Yarn is everything 🐑 As is colour 🌈 I crochet, and cross stitch, and sometimes spin and embroidery too!

I'm a chatty introvert, working at home suits me down to the ground as I can't cope with too much 'out there' 🥰

Everything I do on here is for you beans. I want to make awesome yarn related products so you can live your best craft lives 🤘