All available patterns designed by me! 🌈

Two options for purchase are available - you can buy through me, and receive the pattern PDF manually via email, or you can purchase through my Gumroad and get it via automatic download. 

Taxes may apply with Gumroad, they will make this clear at checkout. I have also chosen for there to be the option to enter your own price for the pattern on Gumroad, meaning you can adjust it down as necessary for financial accessibility, or adjust it up if you'd like to tip me a bit extra so I can buy myself a treat! (Probably mini chocolate bars, or more houseplants) 🌈 There is also the option to tip here on my website at checkout if you wish to.

I receive more of the income if you purchase through me, but if you don't want to wait, or wish to reduce the price for financial reasons, please do use Gumroad! ❤️

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