Payment Plans

If you'd like to set up a payment plan with me for dyed to order yarn, just get in touch using the Contact Form ❤️

You can pay in as many instalments as you like, and over whatever time period is best for you (though not longer than 12 months), via regular standing order or a manual bank transfer initiated by you. The timing of the instalments is up to you too, instalment customers in the past have paid weekly, fortnightly, and monthly. We will agree all of this by email prior to me sending you my bank details.

I will create a draft order in my system with your name, email, address etc, so there's a 'paper trail', and it gets marked as paid once all of the funds are received and then becomes a 'confirmed' order, at which point you will receive an official order confirmation email from me.

The money you send me gets put aside in a pot in my business bank account, and can be refunded in full if you change your mind before it's all paid. Once all of the instalments all paid, I will then dye the yarn and ship it to you once it's dry! 🥳

Tracey 🌈