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***Dyed to order - will take approximately 5-10 working days to despatch ❤️ ***


Meet Pastelised 💕

This hand-painted yarn uses pastel neons to create a beautiful mini pastel rainbow. Purple into blue into yellow into pink, they mix where they meet to create lavender, green, and orange. The saturations of the colours varies throughout the skein.

All of the dyes except for the blue are UV reactive.

Please remember that, much like nuts in a factory setting potentially contaminating other foods, I dye all of my yarns in the same space - you may find the odd fleck of darker colour where a mote of dye from a previous speckling session has settled down from the air onto the yarn while I was creating your pastels. This just adds to the charm and makes your skein more unique in my opinion 🥰


Available in:

4ply BFL Superwash 100g, approx. 400m. 

4ply BFL Superwash 50g, approx. 200m.

4ply BFL Superwash 20g mini, approx 80m.

4ply BFL Superwash 10g teeny mini, approx 40m.

DK BFL Superwash 100g, approx. 225m. 

Dk BFL Superwash 50g, approx. 113m.

DK BFL Superwash 20g mini, approx 45m.

DK BFL Superwash 10g teeny mini, approx 22.5m.

Aran BFL Superwash 100g, approx. 166m.

Aran BFL Superwash 50g, approx. 83m.


Dyed with professional acid dyes and rinsed thoroughly. 

Please bear in mind if you are planning a project that shades between batches may vary due to different dye batches.


If you have any questions, you can contact me through my website contact form here ❤️

Mustard x